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ADD£º6 Dong, 28 Hao, YadiNan Yi lu,Shanhe, Qiaotou, Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

Dongguan Hosun Tool & Die Co. Ltd was founded in 2013, specialized in designing and manufacturing stamping tool for automotive industry. We are good at automotive stamping tool in designing and manufacuring, like the precision progressive die, multi-stations transfer die, deep drawing die and other automotive stamping die.
TThe total factory area covers 12000 square meters, well equipped with CNC machines, wire-cutting machines, full-automatic CMM, 3D optical scanner etc. There are more than100 employees, 40 of them are senior engineering technicians. We have tryout presses 250T,630T and 1250T. Hosun stick to the mission¡±Manufacturing the best quality stamping die for customer¡±.By implementing ISO9001:2015 certification and standardization of operational procedures, we can fully guarantee the commitment to our customer.
At present, our terminal customers are the famous automotive manufacturer from Europa, America, Japan, and mainland China.